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UNPACU Denounces A Plan For “Liquidating the Most Active Opposition”

UNPACU Denounces A Plan For "Liquidating the Most Active Opposition" /
Posted on November 29, 2014

14YMEDIO, November 28, 2014 — UNPACU issued a statement Thursday night
in which it accuses President Raul Castro of having ordered the
"liquidation" of the opposition. The organization cites sources from the
Ministry of the Interior (MININT) according to which the elimination of
the most diligent activists should be carried out in the next three months.

UNPACU believes that the latest attacks on the Ladies in White and Jose
Daniel Ferrer fit within that supposed order, given that they involve
violent attacks against key dissident figures in the last weeks and come
from people tied, in their judgment, to State Security.

In the statement they review last Tuesday's event in Santa Clara in
which activist Guillermo Fariñas asserts he suffered an assassination
attempt and in which several Ladies in White were injured, leaving one
of them in serious condition. "A similar case occurred at two UNPACU
sites in Santiago de Cuba and is now the source of a farce that the
government is trying to fabricate against Jose Daniel Ferrer," continues
the statement.

Jose Daniel Ferrer has been called by State Security to give a
statement, presumably as a defendant, for the crime of assault against
the complainant Ernesto Jimenez Rodriguez. As the statement explains,
last November 13th, at the UNPACU headquarters located in Reparto
Mariana de la Torre, in Santiago de Cuba, this man, supposedly sent by
the political police, provoked a violent altercation.

"Fortunately, with several activists and responsible individuals present
at the headquarters, they managed to disable the aggressor, immobilizing
him and removing from him the metal weapons that he carried," the
document highlights.

The same individual had sought membership in UNPACU weeks before, for
which reason the organization made the usual investigations that "are
performed before accepting any applicant." The conclusion was that he
was tied to the Ministry of the Interior.

"In view of such fact, and without telling the individual anything about
it, he was allowed to enter the headquarters with the proper control and
knowledge by those present of his status as a political police
infiltrator and only for events of no significance for activism," they

Jose Daniel Ferrer, who has denounced the situation, said that "in no
case can an individual who has been seen by more than 15 witnesses
attacking numerous people cause a peace activist for Human Rights to be
taken into police custody with the objective of creating a false
accusation and maybe holding him there without a possible defense. We at
UNPACU are not going to submit ourselves to this farce in any way."

Translated by MLK

Source: UNPACU Denounces A Plan For "Liquidating the Most Active
Opposition" / 14ymedio | Translating Cuba -

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