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POISONED IN PARADISE Brit family’s dream £6,000 Thomas Cook trip to luxury Cuban resort turns into holiday from hell after they are struck down by crippling stomach bug

POISONED IN PARADISE Brit family's dream £6,000 Thomas Cook trip to
luxury Cuban resort turns into holiday from hell after they are struck
down by crippling stomach bug
Mum claims sewage leaked near swimming pool and they were served RAW chicken
By Neal Baker
30th May 2017, 4:04 pm

A MUM has told how a holiday of a lifetime was ruined when her family
were struck down with a crippling stomach bug at a "dreadful" resort.

Debbie Wood said her family's dream trip to Cuba turned into a nightmare
when their hotel served them raw chicken and sewage leaked near the
"filthy" pool.

Daughter Talia, 10, had to get emergency medical help and was bed-bound
for much of the holiday after getting ill
Her ten-year-old daughter Talia got so ill that she needed emergency
medical treatment and was bedridden for much of the two-week stay at the
Memories Varadero Beach Resort.

Their harrowing story will form part of a group lawsuit being brought by
several families who say they suffered holiday hell at the venue.

Debbie jetted off from Leeds with her ex and their three kids to the
Memories Varadero Beach Resort with Thomas Cook on March 31 hoping for
all-inclusive family fun at a cost of over £6,000.

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But all five family members fell ill from a suspected food poisoning

Their plight was made worse by "dreadful" bathroom facilities and a
hotel said to be in a general state of disrepair.

Foster carer Debbie compiled an alarming list of hygiene failings,
claiming that her family was served raw chicken on at least two occasions.

She said the outdoor buffet selection was often left uncovered, inviting
birds and bugs to feast on prepared dishes.

She claimed that cutlery, crockery and glassware were frequently chipped
and not properly cleaned, with drinks appearing watered down and mains
water used.

Talia before she was struck down with illness. Her family claim to have
been served raw chicken twice

What appears to be a speck of blood on a bedsheet at the Cuban resort
Debbie, 46, said: "The swimming pool was simply filthy.

"It was horrific and was not once cleaned properly. You could see green
algae on the tiles.

"Whilst we were there, there was even a raw sewage leak behind the bar
in the pool."

Debbie also slammed cleaning standards inside the hotel, and remains
angry that her daughter Talia's bedding was replaced with what appeared
to be blood-stained linens.

Debbie said: "It was terrifying seeing how ill my daughter was.

"She had a raging fever as well as gastric issues but she was too poorly
to go anywhere so we had to call the doctor to the room.

"There she was given an injection, antibiotics and analgesics.

"She was in bed ill for at least four days, too ill to go out. She then
spent the rest of the holiday resting in the shade or spending time in
the room as she was so ill."

The Wood family say they have still not returned to full health with
both Debbie and Talia attending their GP at home.

Debbie added: "I have been told that it is likely we contracted food
poisoning, possibly salmonella.

"My daughter and I are still suffering ill effects weeks after we have

"It could have ended in a tragedy due to the unhygienic food practices.

"My advice to other holidaymakers would be to avoid Memories Varadero
Beach Resort at all costs.

"We spoke to experienced Cuban holidaymakers who advised us this was the
worst hotel they had ever stayed in.

"According to reviews, sickness has been a long running issue at
Memories Varadero Beach Resort with reports stretching back as far as 2012.

"We booked almost a year before going so Thomas Cook had ample time to
contact us regarding the problems that I can only assume they must have
been aware of."

Sue Robinson of Your Holiday Claims, part of Farnworth Rose Solicitors,
said: "We have reported on outbreaks of illness at Memories Varadero
Beach Resort for a number of years.

"This latest sickness saga is especially worrying – illness coupled with
disrepair is a recipe for disaster and I sincerely hope that the hotel
and tour operators work together in order to fully investigate the cause
or causes of illness.

"Contracting food poisoning on holiday is not only unpleasant but can
have lasting and even life-altering consequences if any number of
post-infective conditions are developed.

"For this reason, it is imperative that anyone affected by illness at
Memories Varadero Beach Resort seeks both medical and legal advice."

A spokesperson for Thomas Cook said: "We want our customers to have the
best possible holiday, so we are sorry to hear that Ms Wood and her
family became ill while in Cuba.

"We take all reports of sickness very seriously and will look into this
case thoroughly with the hotel as soon as we receive it."

Source: Brit family's dream £6,000 Thomas Cook trip to luxury Cuban
resort turns into holiday from hell after they are struck down by
crippling stomach bug -

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