Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Window’ Opens In Cuba

The Window' Opens In Cuba / 14ymedio, Eliecer Avila

14ymedio, Eliecer Avila, 22 April 2016 – A new TV program, La Ventana
(The Window), debuted in Cuba on Thursday, the work of the young artist
Ignacio Gonzalez, director of the project En Caliente Prensa Libre (Free
Press in the Heat of the Moment).

The program highlights the professionalism of the set as well as the
technical team. In a small and modest space they managed to create the
conditions for the production of news, analysis programs and interviews.
With value added by editing and set design, they are ready to compete
not only with national programs but also with those produced outside the

The inaugural program revolved around the pronouncements made at the 7th
Congress of the Communist Party, especially with regards to economics.
Interviews include both man-on-the-street and invited guests.

Gonzalez stands out in recent times for his high quality reporting and
his dedication and consistency in his work. His work during the floods
in Havana, camera in hand swimming with the residents of places where
the national press and the foreign press accredited in Cuba never go,
was striking.

On his Youtube channel there is a wide range of products that attest to
the commitment and seriousness of his work, as a result of which most of
the videos are picked up by various international broadcasters.

An entrepreneur without limits and a dynamic person who enjoys his work
and lives for it, today Ignacio is looking to make the leap to establish
himself in the Cuban market as a leader in alternative television
production. He brings a great deal of experience and contacts, as well
as a large viewer base.

Ignacio dreams of founding a "respected" television channel in the
future. La Ventana is only the first pebble of this dream, which, for
the good of Cuba, we hope he is able to realize.

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