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Fidel Castro bids final farewell to his Communist Party comrades

Fidel Castro bids final farewell to his Communist Party comrades

In what appeared to be a farewell address to his Communist comrades,
former Cuban leader Fidel Castro said Tuesday in a trembling voice:
"Everyone's time comes but the Communist Cuban ideas will endure."

The parting words were delivered at the closing session of Seventh
Congress of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC), a gathering that serves as
a sounding board for proposed economic and social guidelines for the nation.

Castro, who turns 90 in August, told some 1,000 delegates and guests at
Havana's Convention Center that "perhaps this will be one of the last
times I speak in this room." He also thanked them for the invitation and
for giving him the honor of listening to the proceedings.

"I congratulate all of you and first, and foremost, comrad Raúl Castro
for his magnificent effort," the elder Castro said as television cameras
panned across the room, caputuring the faces of crying women.

"We will refine what we should improve, with utmost loyalty and united
force, as [Cuban independence leaders] Martí, Maceo and Gómez did in an
unstoppable march. The End," Castro said to a long, standing ovation.

The Cuban leader showed up at the event donning his usual blue and white
Adidas jogging attire. He looked frail and spoke in a feeble tone.

His brother, current leader Raúl Castro, who was ratified at the head of
the Community Party, sent a similar message during his speech at the
Congress, which started on Saturday and ended Tuesday. During his
closing speech on Tuesday, the current Cuban leader said that the
Seventh Congress will be "the last led by the historic generation" of
the revolution.

"The historic generation shall hand over the new pines,.the flags of the
revolution and socialism without the slightest hint of sadness or
pessimism, with the pride of accomplishment, convinced that they will
know to continue and enhance the revolutionary work," Castro said,
echoing a "new pines" reference originally made by Cuban hero José Martí.


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