Thursday, April 14, 2016

Cuba reports more Zika virus cases

Cuba reports more Zika virus cases
Source: Xinhua 2016-04-14 05:05:33

HAVANA, April 13 (Xinhua) -- A Cuban arriving from Venezuela days ago
has been confirmed as the ninth imported case, bringing the country's
total number of Zika virus infections to 10, Cuba's Health Ministry
announced Wednesday.

The patient, who is from Havana, the national capital, began to feel ill
on April 4 in Venezuela. On Friday, he was admitted to the Pedro Kouri
Institute of Tropical Medicine (IPK) for treatment after coming back to

On Tuesday, the IPK laboratory reported that a real-time blood test
confirmed the patient was positive for Zika. While he remains
hospitalized, he is in good health, the ministry said.

Cuba has disclosed eight other imported cases of Zika virus infection,
including a Venezuelan doctor who arrived in Cuba to take a
post-graduate course. So far, the country has seen only one domestic
case, a 21-year-old girl from Havana who had never traveled abroad.

Cuba is launching a campaign against the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, of
which, the female ones carries Zika, plus chikungunya and dengue
viruses. The government has deployed more than 9,000 soldiers and 200
police officers to support fumigation efforts in homes and workplaces.

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